Concentration Camp Cemeteries and Gravesites

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At the beginning of April 1945, the Allied advance reached Bavaria. The soldiers were confronted with scenes of horror in many places. At both the main Dachau and Flossenbürg concentration camps and their subcamps, as well as along the numerous routes of the so-called death marches, the Allied soldiers came across the bodies of dead prisoners and found survivors severely marked by their ordeal under the Nazis. In the weeks and months after the war, the Allies ordered that victims, often only provisionally buried, were to be reinterred at 493 concentration camp gravesites. Since the 1950s, many of these smaller burial sites have been integrated into larger grounds.

In 2013, the Bavarian Memorial Foundation took over the administration of the remaining 75 concentration camp cemeteries and gravesites in Bavaria. Since then, the Foundation has not only been committed to maintaining the sites, but also to providing new and relevant information.